About Us

Valiant Auto Grooming

A Preferred Partner of Sonax Singapore

Valiant Auto Grooming is the result of various professionals joining forces in the name of their passion for cars. We understand the value of a prized car and how it plays a huge role in a person’s life. More than just an accessory, a car is an expression of your personality, an extension of yourself.

By honing our knowledge and expertise in the Car Spa and Car Detailing industry, we have perfectly tailored our detailed services into simple packages that offer high value for money and convenience.

As a member of the International Detailing Association and a preferred partner of Sonax Singapore ,
we pride in being a premium mobile auto grooming service provider in Singapore with the goal of executing quality car wash and detailing, among a wide roster of other premium services. We specialise in complete auto grooming products and services such as car polishing and paint correction, waxing, ceramic coating services, as well as interior refurbishing and cleaning of leather and carpets. We come to you fully equipped where you can expect the best products, cutting-edge equipment, and services far exceeding from the existing and traditional garage and backyard car wash provider.

Your Most Trusted and Preferred Auto Grooming Partner

Thorough, unrushed service execution, as well as premium products and equipment, we aim to reinvent the way cars are cared for through good communication, simplicity, and passion.

We build more than just contacts… we build relationships.

Your confidence and trust in us is our main goal. We aim to be the top-of-mind go-to auto grooming service you choose when you think of quality care for your vehicle.

The Beliefs that Drive us Forward


Passion is what drives us to succeed because we are completely dedicated to getting the results you want for your car.


We don’t just aim to offer a product or service that exceeds the standard, but we also focus on consistently delivering a customer experience that is “above and beyond.”

We value the trust you put in us.


We meet every commitment. This means that our products and services are guaranteed to add value. We are dedicated to addressing any and all issues to improve the customer experience.